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Thinking about purchasing A Remote Car Starter, but have some questions?

Please read our FAQ’s. If you still have a question or concern don't hesitate in calling or emailing us.

Will a Remote Start System void my new car warranty?

No, we install remote start systems for car dealerships. When properly installed, today’s remote start systems are fully compatible with the complex electronic systems in newer vehicles. Federal Law prevents an auto manufacturer from voiding a new car warranty because you choose to have non-factory accessories installed.

How long will it take to install remote start?

Installation time varies greatly on the type vehicle. Generally, we prefer the vehicle be dropped off all day. If this isn’t possible, please speak to the team member that schedules your appointment and we will make our best effort to accommodate  your schedule. 

My car is a stick shift. Can you install a Remote Start?

Yes, we have remote starts specifically designed to work safely on manual vehicle (stick shift).

My key has a chip in it. Can you install a Remote Start?

 Yes, we have specifically designed modules for almost all vehicles. These bypass modules are only activated when you remote start your vehicle. The factory anti-theft system is still fully functional. 

My vehicle has a push-button start (Smart Key). Can you install a remote start?

Yes,  we are able to install a remote start on almost all Push-Button (Smart Key) vehicles.

I have a diesel engine. Can you install a Remote Start?

Yes, Street Legal carries systems specifically designed to safely start your diesel engine. Our techs know it takes longer to warm up diesel engine than a regular gas model, the remote starts we carry are designed for diesels. When you activate your remote start, it will wait for the glow plugs or manifold heaters to turn off before it attempts to start.  

How long will my vehicle stay running?

The running time can be adjusted. Usually we program it for 24 minutes. If less time is preferred please let your sales rep know and the running time can be adjusted.

Can I buy the unit from Street Legal and install it myself?

Yes, however, installing a Remote Start System is complex,  we STRONGLY suggest leaving the installation to a qualified & trained technician. Today's vehicles are mostly ran by computer systems. A person who hasn't had the proper training can cause serious damage to your vehicle, and in addition damage the remote start unit itself and void the warranty of the unit. When installed by a certified tech and dealer the labor is usually warrantied as long as you own the vehicle. Remote Starts are very detailed systems that have to be done right or not done at all. 

Will you install a remote start unit bought some where else?

No and we DON’T recommend buying a remote car starter system from one place, and have it installed at another. Whether it’s the internet or another store, buying from one place and having it installed somewhere else has the potential for issues or complications . A tech can not identify a faulty unit until its been fully installed. Now what do you do? The shop already installed the system, so you’re forced to pay for the installation. Now you have to  ship or take the unit back to the place you purchased from, and hope they replace the unit and replace it in a reasonable amount of time. Once you get it back, assuming they were even an authorized dealer and they warranty the unit, you then have to pay the technician to re-install and program it all over again. Now a additional cost is involved which just eliminated any savings you initially had saved. So, now you’ve also been inconvenienced by having to drop your vehicle off a multiple times and also most likely cost you more than what you initially were suppose to save. 

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